Extra Virgin
Olive Oil


Extra virgin

Extra virgin in the language of olive oil means top quality, fresh olive flavour and of course no defects. It is produced only by mechanical means directly from olives under temperatures which couse no damage to the oil.

Extra virgin means also low acidity, between 0.3 - 0.5. We achieve this low level of acidity by using only "Koroneiki variety" olives for the production of Ladikon which are treted with care when on tree. After the extraction, we immediately catch the precious olive juice to our bottles which will remain there in safety waiting for you.


We consider extra olive oil as a precious everyday miracle for our table. We wanted people to see the clear gold color of our oil which is the trademark of our quality product. This is the reason why we chose a minimal glass package to carry our product.
We keep our quality in top levels, so we carefully choose the best extra virgin olive oil and bottle it in small numbers which are numbered and signed by the producer.

The glass remains perfectly protected from the sun and temperature in our minimal white box.


How it is produced

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